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Custom Wallpaper

In recent years, custom wallpaper has experienced a resurgence in popularity, reclaiming its status as a stylish and versatile design element in homes. Here at Unusual Designs, our team of experts plays a pivotal role in guiding homeowners through the wallpaper selection process. By understanding your preferences, lifestyle, and existing decor, our design professionals compile a personalized range of wallpaper options. We consider factors such as color schemes, patterns, and textures to ensure cohesion with the overall design scheme. Moreover, we carry premium custom wallpaper and wallcovering collections curated by top-tier companies, including:

  • Fabricut: Celebrated for its classic offerings and reputation for excellence, Fabricut's timeless elegance and versatile designs transform any interior space.
  • Kravet: Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Kravet elevates wall design with wallpapers meticulously crafted from premium materials like grasscloth, linen, and silk, providing a luxurious ambiance to any space.
  • Pacific Designs: Boasting a remarkably diverse collection of eco-friendly wallcoverings, including grasscloth, mica, and cork, Pacific Designs ensures a tailored and sustainable aesthetic that caters to every preference.
Someone applying custom yellow wallpaper to a wall near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
Someone testing a striped, yellow wallpaper in a home near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
  • Seabrook Wallcoverings: A leading company in the wallcovering industry for several decades, this company has built a reputation for providing high-quality wallpaper with a focus on design innovation.
  • Stroheim: Recognized for its commitment to design excellence, this brand offers a range of sophisticated and elegant wallcovering designs, appealing to those with a taste for timeless and refined aesthetics.
  • Thibaut: Known for its commitment to design innovation, Thibaut regularly introduces fresh, on-trend patterns, colors, and textures, keeping up with the ever-evolving interior design landscape.
  • Trend: Infusing walls with vibrant colors and captivating textures, Trend elevates the aesthetic of any room.
  • Wallquest: With a green approach, this environmentally friendly wallpaper collection is printed on paper using water-based inks from well-managed, renewable forests or recycled sources.
  • York Wallcoverings: One of the oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturers in the United States, York is known for its innovative designs and high-quality wall coverings. Their product catalog includes contemporary, trendy, and traditional wallpaper options.
Someone applying custom yellow wallpaper to a wall near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Refresh With an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a single wall within a room that is highlighted with a distinct pattern, color, or texture, creating a focal point. Utilizing wallpaper for an accent wall is popular due to its wide array of design options. Whether your style leans toward a geometric pattern, floral motif, or textured finish, a wallpapered accent wall adds depth and character to any space.

Transform the Often-Overlooked Fifth Wall

Adding custom wallpaper to the ceiling is a creative way to add unexpected dimension to a room. It allows for a burst of color, pattern, or texture that's too bold for all four walls. Additionally, wallpaper on the ceiling can visually lower a high ceiling, creating a cozier atmosphere. However, choosing the best pattern is essential to staying within the space and avoiding overwhelming anyone in it. When executed thoughtfully, wallpaper on the ceiling becomes a powerful tool in interior design. It transforms the often-overlooked fifth wall into a captivating part of the room's decor.

Design Distinctive Character for the Entire Room

Custom wallpaper is an innovative solution for transforming entire rooms. It adds a layer of texture and creativity that paint alone may not achieve. Furthermore, it is a practical solution to hide imperfections on walls and can even add insulation. Materials, such as fabric, contribute to durability and easy maintenance.

A Big Impact on a Small Space

Custom wallpaper for powder rooms or walk-in closets is a brilliant way to infuse personality and style into a small space. Depending on the desired effect, designs can range from subtle to elegant to bold and vibrant. Since guests often use powder rooms, a well-curated custom wallpaper can make a memorable impression, turning this functional space into an inviting oasis. Further, chic wallpaper in the walk-in closet or dressing area can give you inspiration and creativity as you prepare for each day.

At Unusual Designs, Our Name Is Our Promise

Our wallpaper store near Newport News, Virginia, provides unique and custom wallpaper, wallcoverings, and borders to transform your space effortlessly. Count on our experienced and friendly staff to assist you in navigating the array of choices to ensure a tailored experience. We also carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, paint, home accessories, and flooring to complete your aesthetic. We proudly serve Newport News and the surrounding areas, including Hampton, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and Gloucester, Virginia. Contact us today to turn your visions for your home into a stunning reality!

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