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Home Accessories

Elevate the personal touch of your home by choosing home decor that infuses luxury and individuality into your living spaces. At Unusual Designs, we carry high-end accessories to make your home a uniquely curated haven.

Picture this: an intricately patterned throw blanket draped over your couch, weaving a cozy, boho ambiance into your space. Colorful statement pillows on a sofa effortlessly provide a vibrant glow to the living room's monotony. In sunlit rooms, a simple glass vase transforms into an elegant centerpiece, and rugs infuse warmth with style into the overall aesthetic. Each element thoughtfully contributes to a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your home.

To encapsulate your home's individuality, Unusual Designs carries the following home accessories brands:

  • A&B Homes: Manufactures gorgeous home decor products that appeal to various design preferences and interior styles.
  • Crestview: Reflects visionary work in home accessories, lighting, furniture, and wall decor.
  • Curry & Company: Creates inviting and distinctive home decor in interiors across the globe.
  • Dovetail: Provides the most current trends in home accessories and quality furnishings.
  • DW Silks: Produces the highest quality interior silk foliage products.
Vases and candles for home decor near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
Throw pillows, vases, and wood for home decor near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
  • Fabricut: Offers a wide range of incredible products designed for interior design and upholstery applications.
  • J.C. Fine Arts: Focuses on high-quality, visually appealing artworks to enhance the visual environment of any space.
  • Paragon: Commits to the home decor industry's highest quality craftsmanship and stylish designs.
  • Uttermost: Specializes in the design of home decor items, including lamps, mirrors, art, furniture, and other decorative accessories.
  • Zodax: Caters to a stylish and eclectic range of home decor design preferences.

Cozy Up In Style With Accent Pillows

Transforming any room is effortlessly achieved with accent pillows. Swap them out with the changing seasons, for guests, or whenever you crave a new look. Feel free to break away from exact matches—accent pillows are meant to bring visual interest into your space. For example, try layering a geometric pattern with a floral design and adding tassel covers to basic ones. Decorating with accent pillows offers endless possibilities; you can never go wrong!

Blanket, throw, vase, and baskets for home decor near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Transform a Room with Throws

True to their name, throws are often "thrown" (or artfully arranged to look thrown) over furniture like beds and sofas. You can use throws to bring old pieces of furniture back to life or to cozy up dining and outdoor seating areas. Hang a throw like a tapestry as wall art or coiled neatly in a basket as room decor. Like throw pillows, throw blankets are versatile home accessories that are easy to coordinate with the rest of your room's decor.

Complete a Wall with Mirrors and Art

Empty walls can make a room feel incomplete. However, hanging wall mirrors or wall art helps fill these spaces, making the environment feel more inviting and lived-in. A wall mirror can act as a focal art piece in bedrooms and living rooms or as functional art when placed near the door for last-minute touch-ups. Wall art provides a means of personalizing living spaces. Paintings, prints, or photographs reflect your interests, memories, or artistic preferences.

Show Off Your Artistic Tastes with Sculptures and Vases

Liven up your home guests with interesting pieces like small stone and metal sculptures. They give rooms emotion with their curves and jutting angles that invite conversation. Artisan glass vases can be art pieces or act as their conventional counterparts when filled with water for plants. Bookends make for elegant pieces at the end of bookshelves while keeping your books straight and in order. Plant stands emphasize the chic organic elements of your room. Decorative objects are your chance to show off your personal and artistic tastes!

Decorate with Trays, Plates, and Bowls

Decorate ottomans and tables with color in the form of decorative trays, plates, and bowls. Use them as safe places for keys and other small personal items. Set a tray on your ottoman to safely put glasses and coffee table books. Fill a decorative bowl with small candies on a side table in the dining room. While decorative trays, plates, and bowls are typically everyday dishes, their beauty serves its function in the household.

Get Your Home Accessories at Unusual Designs

At Unusual Designs, our name is our promise. We pride ourselves on unique quality products in our home goods store near Newport News, Virginia, that you won't find in a big box store. We provide all your interior design needs, including home accessories. We also carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, luxury wallpaper, custom furniture, and incredible flooring to complete your aesthetic. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the home accessories to contribute to your home's atmosphere and comfort. We proudly serve Newport News and the surrounding areas, including Hampton, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and Gloucester, Virginia. Contact us today to turn your visions for your home into reality!

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