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Color is an essential element to the atmosphere of your room. Paint, therefore, will mean a great deal when it comes to decorating a room. Designers follow several rules when choosing a color and often prescribe moods to them - Red is bold. Yellow is attention-getting. Green is the easiest color on the human eye, while blue and purple are relaxing and luxurious. Beige is neutral yet invitingly warm.

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As your interior decorating resource, Unusual Designs provides both interior and exterior paints, primers, and stains all in one place, and alongside our 30+ years of experience, customers can trust in our quality products and service. Homeowners never have to fear about off-colors and wrong paints: we are trained and experienced in finding the right paint, primer, and stain for you and your project.

Interior Paint

The walls of your home are blank canvases for your creativity. One can paint a room a single solid color or use multiple colors for quirky design. Many rooms could use a stunning focus wall painted in an accent tone. When choosing paint for inside their home, homeowners need to consider the use of each individual room - family homes may value washable paint, and bathrooms may need completely different paints to resist the trials of moist environments and avoid problems with mildew. Rich, warm colors complement more traditional style rooms, while bold, bright paints and stripes define modern spaces.

Interior Paint, paint, bedroom paint, ceiling paint from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

When choosing interior paint color, homeowners should take care to consider the color of their furniture and other interior elements already present in their rooms and use color theory to find colors that will work well together. It is also crucial to consider your room’s natural lighting to avoid your warm tan bedroom turning drab and colorless by evening. Matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss sheens will determine how easily your surface shows dirt and how such signs of wear may be washed clean.

Homeowners will also need interior paint with excellent coverage and hide to conceal any wall imperfections and to make paint and repaint jobs quicker and easier. Additionally, low-VOC paints make for safer, more ecofriendly projects, and finally, long-lasting colorants and sheen ensure that clean, fresh paint look for years to come.

Exterior Paint, house paint, door paint from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Exterior Paint

Make your house the envy of the neighborhood with your favorite shade of exterior paint.  Give your home a complete makeover with a new color or liven your exterior by repainting your shutters and redoing the trim around your windows and door. Exterior paints need be long-lasting and resilient to age and weather. Because of this, an exterior paint is usually an acrylic, latex, or oil-based paint. Acrylic-based paints work well on most surfaces, including wood, aluminum, fiber cement, stucco, and plaster and drywall. Latex paints are more cost-effective and easily applied, while oil-based paints withstand heavy traffic and perform best for trim and other smaller projects. Certain exterior paints even allow for low-temperature application for longer painting seasons.

Your exterior paint is extremely important to consider before buying and applying in order to ensure that you are getting the exact look you want. Stone, brick wood, and other “natural” materials you won’t paint may come into factor in what exterior color you choose. Paint will seem much brighter outside than it does on the paint strip, and a common mistake homeowners make is picking too light of a color. The final appearance of your exterior paint will often depend on more subtler undertones than you think!


Primers ensure smooth paint jobs. They provide a base layer that covers old paint and helps hide wall imperfections while preparing your walls for your next paint layer. Primer seals surfaces and protects against peeling paint and fading color. Using a primer lessens the hassle of trying to get a latex paint to adhere to an oil-based one, and vice-versa. Primer ultimately reduces the time and effort of paint projects, saving homeowners both product and money.

Primer, tinted primer, sealer primer, and latex primer from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
Stains, exterior stains, wood stains, and deck stains from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)


Stains differ from paints in the fact that instead of merely covering a surface, stains penetrate the surface for protection and color. A stain does not require a primer and will need less coats and touch-ups than paint. Exterior stains bring out the beauty of your natural wood, and different colors and opacities allow homeowners to show off wood’s natural character and texture while concealing blemishes and preventing blushing.

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Unusual Designs has been providing what our name suggests for over two decades. We take pride in creating beautiful, unique interiors personalized to every customer. Call or contact us today for more information on our paint and other decorative wall coverings like wallpaper and faux paint. Our showroom is located in Newport News, VA, and we are honored to cover the walls of homes throughout Newport News and the surrounding areas, including Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Portsmouth, Virginia.

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