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At Unusual Designs, we carry designer furniture in contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles to bring unique pieces to every one of your rooms. A room is not yet your room without anything in it. A bedroom needs, as the name implies, a bed. A dining room will need a dining table and complementing chairs. A living room will need plenty of seating for family and friends. But the element that makes these pieces special is how you use and identify with each piece. That is why we offer a selection of fine furnishings for you to make your house into a home with unique items you’ll love at Unusual Designs.

Living room with black and brown chair and sofa. Modern style with grey shades

Bedroom Furniture

The first, most important element to consider in your bedroom is the bed - and in the case of beds, size does matter. A too big bed will “shrink” the space in your room, making it awkward to navigate to doors and difficult to arrange other furniture. To ensure you’ll have enough space in your room for your desired bed size, there should be a few feet of space between the bed and wall: enough room for you to make the bed. A bed is generally placed against the longest wall or with a view of the door for maximum space and maneuverability.

Once your bed has been placed, your other bedroom furniture should orbit around it while maintaining this walking space. Side tables should be placed beside the bed; benches and chests at the foot; dressers and dressing tables on opposite or adjacent walls; and if space permits, a chair may be placed near a window or lamp for a private reading nook. To save space, opt for a storage bed or vertical shelves for more storage with less furniture taking up floorspace.  Ultimately, your bedroom is your private place. At Unusual Designs, we can help you choose select pieces and help you arrange them to keep your room comfortable and relaxing.

Bedroom furniture, beds, dressers, and side tables from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
Dining room furniture, dining tables and dining chairs from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Dining Room Furniture

A dining room gathers you, family, and guests in one place for celebration and conversation. Your dining table should be large enough to accommodate such occasions, without being too large as to make pulling out chairs and moving around the table difficult. Your dining table should be at least three feet from the wall, and its size should allow for at least two feet of space per person.

The shape of your dining table is also important to arranging your dining room; for example, circular dining tables save space and are easily maneuvered around in square and tight spaces, and extendable dining tables let you comfortably entertain surprise guests. Next, your dining chairs should be the right height to your table, and homeowners should feel free to mix and match between upholstered and unupholstered styles.

Other additions to your dining room include china hutches, bar tables and counter stools, and bar carts for effortless entertaining all night long.

Living Room Furniture

Your living room should be one of the most comfortable places in your home. It doubles as a space for rest and relaxation and an inviting gathering place for guests. Your living room furniture should face each other for trouble-free conversation while centering on your focus wall, whether this includes an impressive wall unit with a television or grand bookshelves framing a piece of art.

Sofas, loveseats, and armchairs give homeowners plenty of options for seating in rooms of all shapes and sizes, and shelved, short, and tall media cabinets act as TV stands for any size screen while also giving you extra organizational space. Ottomans, bookshelves, side tables, and coffee tables give homeowners places to set drinks, food, and individual touches like pictures, art, and books.

As in all rooms, your furniture arrangement should allow for easy maneuverability, however, the placement of your entertainment console, sofa and other seating should also adhere to the lighting of your room to avoid problems with harsh sun glare.

Living room furniture, sofas, chairs, and media consoles from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)
Accent furniture, wall art, decorative mirrors from Unusual Designs near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces ultimately make the interior design of your room unlike any other. Accent pieces are unique elements that shows off your personality through their own individual character.

Accent pieces let homeowners go beyond the necessities of their space with more decorative touches like accent furniture, wall art, and mirrors. These conversation pieces add depth, color, and drama, drawing the eye and completing the look of your room.

Check Out Our Selection

Our experts at Unusual Designs have over thirty years of experience in the interior design industry. We are prepared to help you select the right bed, dining table, and wall unit for your bed, dining, living room and beyond. For more information on our furniture selection, call or contact us today, or visit us in our showroom in Newport News, VA. We have been creating one-of-a-kind spaces in homes in Newport News and the surrounding areas, including Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Portsmouth, Virginia for twenty years. We look forward to working with you.

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