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Interior Design Consultations

Taking on an interior design project is not for the faint-hearted. There are endless options for everything from fabrics to furnishings and decorative accents, all of which must complement each other when in their shared space. How do you pull it off? By working with a professional interior designer from Unusual Designs Inc. With over 30 years of experience, our team has the expertise you need to make your interior design project exciting and enjoyable.

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Interior Design Space Planning

There’s more to a fantastic interior than chic furnishings and complementary colors. A space needs to be functional and attractive. Your interior designer will discuss what area of your home will be used to best decide how to complete the space. A room that will be used for entertaining will need more room for people to move around than a cozy family room. Proper space planning will contribute to the cohesive aesthetic essential for a comfortable home.

Preparing for Interior Design Services

You will get more out of working with an interior design company if you do some prep work. Consultations generally discuss your needs and wants, and we’ll help you determine what’s currently working in your home and what’s not.

Have a rough idea of your goal for the project. Are you growing your family and need a home that is attractive but easy to maintain? Do you host many social gatherings and need an open-concept space that allows guests to move freely throughout your house? Knowing these things will help us make suggestions for your lifestyle and budget.

One of the best things you can bring to the table is an open mind. Our designers will have fresh eyes and new perspectives when it comes to your home. We’ll always work within your preferences, but you may love the results you get if you step outside your comfort zone.

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Take a few minutes to browse your favorite design websites and magazines to find pieces and room configurations you love. You can create a vision board with fabric and color samples to see what combinations stand out to you. If specific colors or furniture styles are must-haves, we’ll be able to incorporate them more easily at the beginning of the process.

Think about your budget. What is inexpensive to one person may be well outside the budget of another, and we’ll have a better idea of what will work for you and your home if we have a ballpark budget amount. We can also help you decide how to move forward if it turns out that your planned budget isn’t sufficient to complete the project as you originally intended. You may want to finish your interior design adventure in the future or rethink some concepts to complete it within your set budget.

Benefits of an Interior Design Consultation

An interior design consultation can save you money. You may regret your decisions if you embark on this decor journey alone. In that case, you can accept your house as it is or spend the money to redecorate. A professional interior designer will have valuable input to help you make choices your whole family will love.

Interior design is far less stressful when you work with a professional. Managing the details of a design project can be overwhelming, and we can help ease that burden by staying on top of the many facets involved. We can be the point of contact between you and the contractor to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. An interior design consultation will save you time. Our interior design company has established relationships with local contractors, so you won’t have to do the leg work of finding reputable businesses.

Interior Design Brands at Unusual Designs Inc.

As a premier interior design company, we work with only the best brands. We carry Hunter Douglas window treatments and fabric and furnishings from upscale vendors, including Chateau d’Ax, Davis & Davis, Kravet, Our House Designs, and many more. Ask us about equipping your custom window treatments with award-winning PowerView® Automation for a clean aesthetic and more convenient lifestyle.

Interior Design near Newport News, Virginia

Unusual Designs Inc. has been the area’s premier interior design firm since 2000. You can rely on us for everything you need to design your dream home, including furniture, flooringwallpaper, and more. Call us today at (757) 595-5131 or request a consultation online.

We’re located at 700 City Center Blvd in Newport News, VA, and proudly serve Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Virginia, and the surrounding area.

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