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Why Choose Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shades?

You have many options when you look for the best window treatments for your home or business. You may want something sturdy, like wood or metal shutters, or something that flows well, like drapery. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for something unique that combines the blinds' style and functionality with the drapery's softness. If the last one sounds like you, consider Silhouette® Sheer Shades from Hunter Douglas. Keep reading to learn why you should choose Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

What Are Silhouette® Sheer Shades from Hunter Douglas?

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades are a unique window treatment with blinds and drapery features. When you first glance at them, they appear very similar to blinds, including their orientation with horizontal features. However, when you inspect them closely, it becomes apparent that these aren’t just another set of blinds. Instead, they use fabric vanes to help control the light entering your space, diffusing it and creating a gentle glow throughout your home.

Are There Benefits To Using Silhouette® Sheer Shades?

There are a few benefits to using Silhouette® Sheer Shades:

  • Privacy: You can open the vanes in your Silhouette® shades to allow ample sunlight directly into your home, letting people see in and out. When you close the vanes, you create privacy from the outside while getting the diffused light of the shades in your home.
  • UV Protection: The Silhouette® shades protect your furniture, floor, and decor from UV radiation, which can slowly fade, warp, and damage these items. With the protection, everything remains safe as the sunlight filters gently into your home.
  • Temperature Control: When you add Silhouette® Sheer Shades to your home as new window treatments, they can start helping you control the temperature by reducing the amount of air that enters and leaves through your windows. This advantage can help you save money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

Is There An Alternative to Silhouette® Sheer Shades?

If you’re looking for a similar product to Silhouette® Sheer Shades but one with a different style, then Pirouette® Sheer Shades is another option you can explore. These sheer shades provide many of the same benefits as Silhouette® shades, though their appearance differs.

If you’re looking for other types of products, then you can find them at Unusual Designs. We carry products such as:

  • Wood and Composite Shutters: These feature stunning designs and enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Cellular Shades: The foremost leaders in temperature control.
  • Roller Shades: Perfect for ease of use and UV protection.
  • Wood and Metal Blinds: Classic, recognizable window treatments with durable materials.
  • Vertical Blinds: A different orientation for expansive windows.

Get Your Silhouette® Sheer Shades near Newport News

Stop by our showroom when you’re ready to find Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades near Newport News. Our team at Unusual Designs are experts in all things window treatments and home decor.

We proudly serve Newport News and the surrounding area, including Williamsburg, Norfolk, Yorktown, and Suffolk, Virginia. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.