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How to Decorate Angled Windows

As a homeowner, you know the critical role your windows play in the overall look and feel of your interior design. If you are fortunate enough to have angled windows in your Virginia home, then you also know they can sometimes be challenging to decorate—or decorate around.

Hunter Douglas NewStyle® Composite Shutters on angled windows in a kid’s playroom near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Our team of interior design experts at Unusual Designs in Newport News, Virginia, is delighted to share some inspiration on decorating your angled windows to accentuate their rare architectural beauty. We’re your one-stop shop for custom Hunter Douglas window treatments, flooring, furniture, paint, wallcoverings, and more to make your home or commercial space uniquely yours.

Make Your Angled Windows the Focal Point

Since angled windows are unique, why not let them have center stage? You can easily accomplish this goal by arranging your furniture to highlight their presence in the room. Select artwork that reflects the geometrical interest of your angled windows for another approach to drawing attention to this unique feature.

Enhance Your Angled Window with Enhanced Lighting

While angled windows provide ample light, it’s always a good idea to enhance your natural lighting with table and floor lamps. Lamps can offer a soft glow for evening quiet and reading time. A chandelier with a geometrical twist can also enhance the ambiance of your room—and provide a unique twist to your angled windows.

Reflect Your Angled Windows with Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are like little magicians that reflect light and color throughout spaces large and small. If you hang a mirror directly across from your angled window, this will immediately bring more of the outdoors in, making your room appear larger.

Hang Wallpaper Around Your Angled Window for Aesthetic Flair

Nothing adds more personality to a room than wallpaper. You can enjoy a feature wall and create instant creative character when you hang textured wallpaper around your angled window. Unusual Designs is home to a vast collection of designer wallpaper from brands like Fabricut, Pacific Designs, Wallquest, and more.

Hunter Douglas Shutters and Blinds for Angled Windows

Choosing the right window treatment can make all the difference when featuring uniquely-shaped windows.

Hunter Douglas shutters like NewStyle® Composite Shutters can be outfitted to a variety of shapes like arches, angles, semi-circles, hexagons, doors, and many more. With louvers that open and close with the touch of a hand, shutters are a great fit for spaces that see a lot of action like kids rooms, as well as formal spaces like dining rooms!

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds are made from natural wood from responsible forests. These sophisticated blinds will complement your angled windows for a stately, traditional look. We can cut these blinds to fit all angled window styles, such as right angles, isosceles triangles, and slopes. If you love the look of natural wood, you can add even more of organic touches to your space with a carved cornice for a completely cohesive look.

For even more dimension, consider layering shutters or blinds with our custom drapery for a rich, maximal look that will give you additional insulation.

Contact us Today for Angled Window Blinds

Unusual Designs is your premier source for all your interior design needs. We carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, furniture, accessories, fabric, and wallpaper—everything you need to make your home or office come alive. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to listen to your ideas and give you design guidance and advice.

When you are ready to learn more about decorating your angled window, visit our state-of-the-art showroom in Newport News, VA, or request a consultation today.

If you feel a little hesitant about major interior design decisions, there is no need to worry. Our comprehensive Interior Design Service allows you to work with a professional with years of experience. They can guide you through our offerings and help you make wise design choices.

We are honored to serve Newport News and the surrounding area, including Gloucester, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, Virginia.