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Build A Restful Bedroom With These Decor Tips

A restful bedroom can be more than just a place to sleep - it can be a space where you can relax and rejuvenate. Most of this ability comes with what you fill your room with.

Well-decorated bedroom with a large bed near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

The right decor can help you achieve this goal, whether it's with simple things like an armchair and a lamp or more complex features such as built-in shelving and art. Here are four decor tips for creating the perfect restful bedroom:

The Bed

Despite what some might tell you, size does matter when it comes to beds. A bed that's too big will seem to make the room smaller and more difficult to navigate; a small bed will leave you cramped and without a good night's rest.

The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and the place you're going to be doing most of your resting. Spend a lot of time deciding what kind of mattress and bedframe you want; doing so can significantly impact your sleep schedule and general well-being.

The Furniture

Dark bedroom furniture is a great way to create a restful environment. Here are some things that will help you create an ideal space for sleeping:

  • A dresser or chest that matches your bed frame and headboard (if applicable). This will tie the room together as well as make it easy to get ready for bed at night or wake up in the morning!
  • You can choose to grab a nightstand for one (or both) sides of the bed. This can have any of the normal pieces of adornment, including lamps, clocks, phone chargers, and the rest.

The Lighting

Lighting is often an understated part of the bedroom - yet it can play a fairly large role in your quality of life. Studies recommend avoiding bright light for two hours before bed, which is difficult if you have harsh white light in the bedroom. 

Warm lighting is best. Dim lighting, such as from low-wattage bulbs, creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere that will help you sleep soundly. If you want to use overhead lights in your bedroom at night, try using dimmers to adjust the brightness according to how much light is needed.

Avoid harsh lighting at all costs! This includes fluorescent bulbs (especially fluorescents with a blue tinge), sunlight through windows, and bright overhead lights - they're all terrible for sleep quality because they interfere with melatonin production by disrupting our circadian rhythms.

The Decor

Finally, the last step is adding your style and finishing touches! There are a couple of different directions you can go with this. For a more personal approach, you can go with a traditional and personal approach, filling your room with wood features and pictures. For a more modern take, plenty of more contemporary designs can make your room cool and collected.

Rest Comfortably

Decorating your bedroom involves much more than implementing a particular aesthetic or style. So many choices are introduced, and they can greatly impact your quality of life. Worried about making the wrong decision?

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