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The Perfect Shade for Each Room

In a lot of ways, the rooms in your home are a lot like shoes. Some shoes are perfect for casual occasions while other shoes need a little dressing up. The same can be said for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that take on a more casual feel, whereas dining rooms and living rooms need a little something extra. That is why we offer a wide selection of custom Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings to help meet the design and functional needs of your home. Read on to discover the perfect shade for each room in your home below!

The perfect shade for each room near Yorktown, Virginia (VA) like Pirouette® shades for kitchens.

The Perfect Shade for Living Rooms

When it comes to finding the perfect shade for each room in your home, the first step to take is seeing how much sun each room gets. For example, living rooms often boast multiple large windows that let us enjoy natural light and pristine views. While this is wonderful, dealing with glare or intense sunshine can get frustrating over time. That is why Hunter Douglas created a light-filtering shade that allows you to enjoy some natural sun without any of the drawbacks. In fact, the Silhouette® Window Shadings collection offers both soft light at your window and a maintained sense of privacy. Featuring unique S-shaped vanes between two sheers, these shades can be easily tilted to achieve your perfect levels of privacy and light.

The Perfect Shade for Kitchens

Another factor to consider when finding the perfect shade for each room is style. For example, many kitchens offer pops of color and fun décor to make cooking and mealtime a pleasant experience. This can be further enhanced by adding our Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings to the mix. Featuring a wide array of gorgeous fabric options, these shades provide you plenty of creative room. Plus, with soft, adjustable fabric vanes, these shades provide privacy and soft light when opened or closed. Easy to operate and completely customizable, these shades are perfect for any kitchen aesthetic.

The Perfect Shade for Bedrooms

Last but not least, finding the perfect shade for each room is especially important when privacy comes into play. For example, bedrooms, bathrooms, sunrooms, and patios with wide windows are all spaces that deserve a little extra boost of privacy from the outside world. Fortunately, that is where our Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in. Made with soft, romantic fabric styles and just a dash of drama, these sheers softly diffuse incoming sunlight while offering unparalleled privacy. Simply rotate the veins up to 180 degrees and enjoy your perfect levels of light, shade, and privacy. You can also customize these sheers to make them match any décor in your home.


When it comes to finding the right shade for each room in your home, there is no going wrong when it comes to Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings. To learn more about finding the rights shades for your home, be sure to call Unusual Designs today! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to answer all of your questions and guide you to the perfect design solution for your home. Specializing in custom window treatments and draperies as well as custom bedding, cornices, upholstery and much more! Stop by our beautiful showroom in Newport News, VA, where you can see, feel, and operate all the latest in window treatment designs and trends. With years serving the local community, we proudly serve Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester and the surrounding area.