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Keep Beautiful Views While Maintaining Privacy with Window Shadings

You shouldn’t have to compromise your beautiful views for privacy, and with our Hunter Douglas Window Shadings, you don’t have to. At Unusual Designs, we love innovation. We take pride in always providing the most beautiful, functional products for our customers. Both the Silhouette® and Pirouette® Window Shadings provide everything you’ve been looking for in your window treatments. These sheers are elegant, modern, and have just enough personality to spice up your rooms. If you are near Newport News, Virginia, stop by our store to see how our window professionals can help make your window shading dreams come true.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings near Newport News, Virginia (VA) and other window shadings, sheers.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Light & Privacy

You get both light and privacy with Silhouette® Window Shadings. A key feature of these shades is the view-through capabilities. The ClearView® Shadings combine both front and back sheers to your window treatments, so you can maximize your view of the outdoors and control the light that gets filtered into your home. With a white rear sheer that obscures the view into your home, you get daytime privacy (even with the vanes open) while also getting light. All you must do is tilt the vanes to the position you want them. Plus, when needed, you can also add another roller shade in the back for room-darkening capabilities.

Style & Protection

These sheers offer premium style for your interiors. This is accomplished with The Alustra® Collection of designer fabrics. They are curated to provide exclusive colors and textures to meet the standards of leading designers. Plus, not only are these window shadings made with the most sought-after materials in the industry, but they are also ultra-protective. UV rays are extremely damaging, and our sheer fabrics filter out that light and glare to carefully protect your delicate belongings in your home from fading. You will be thrilled with the results of these window shadings, guaranteed.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Light & Privacy

The Pirouette® Window Shadings offer the greatest light control while also preserving your privacy. It doesn’t get much better than this. You get variable light control with the ClearView® Shadings that is unlike any other. You can maintain your view of the outside, all while the inside still has plenty of natural light. The fabrics that these sheers are available in can be either semi-opaque or room-darkening, so you have ultimate control of the light and privacy in your home. We want you to feel comfortable and protected in your home, and that is exactly what these window shadings deliver.

Boldness & Operation

Let your window shadings take center stage with bold colors and textures. These shades are stunning, especially since they are designed with the exclusive Alustra® Collection of fabric choices. You really can’t go wrong with any of the available options. In addition, these window treatments are very easy to operate. The Invisi-Lift™ system is an innovative system that allows for the most graceful operation. When raising and lowering the shears, the vanes move seamlessly, so you get a clear view of the outside without messy cords in the way. They are not only beautiful but are also extremely useful.

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If you are still uncertain that our window shadings are for you, check out our Portfolio to see some other work we have done. We understand that not everyone comes to us with a pre-planned vision, and that is 100% okay. That is what we are here for. Our professionals are always willing to help you start on your window journey. If you are near Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, and the surrounding area, give us a call today at (757) 595-5131 or visit our Contact Us page today to set up a free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!