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Add Dimension and Depth to your Interior with Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery

Many homeowners may not know that updating your home’s interior can increase your home’s value by adding dimension and flow. This explains why interior design when selling a house is so crucial- looks and first impressions are everything. Aside from just hiking up your home’s value, side panels and drapery are often the last step in completing your home and also giving you the ability to control small pockets of light that sneak in. The Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery are versatile. They fit seamlessly into the lofty and artisanal on-trend homes just as well as the sleeker, modernist homes. Regardless, this designer window treatment will give you the key to opening a whole new depth to your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery for home completion near Newport News, Virginia (VA).

Discover the Next Level with Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery

By purchasing the Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery, you obtain thoughtful, hand-selected window coverings perfectly paired with, but not limited to, any Hunter Douglas window treatment. Who said that having an on-trend house had to be complicated? Supplementing your windows with side panels and drapery leave a lasting impression- polishing your home by complementing it. Not only defined by their alluring appearance, Design Studio™ Side Panels, and Drapery by Hunter Douglas control light gaps giving you an all-access pass to a room luminous with sun rays peaking in or a completely dark room with no gaps for a single light ray to slip in.

Design Studio™ Functional and Fantastic Fabrics

As usual, Hunter Douglas has produced a product that is delicately decorated, yet still entirely functional. This exclusive line, designed by NY designer, Rebecca Atwood herself, works to add drama, frame, and elongation to your windows, expanding your home, no matter the size.

Their textures and patterns add volume to any style of home. As experts, we understand each home is different. That is why the side panels and drapery come in a range of looks from simple and modern to on-trend and contemporary fabrics, textures, jacquards, embroideries, and sheers. While the decorative aspect is important, Hunter Douglas has the whole picture in mind. Available in a variety of fullness options, the Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery are also completely backed by their functionality, manufactured for durability, stain resistance, and UV blocking like all other Hunter Douglas products.

Of course, if this product is made to finalize your home, it has to mesh well. For this reason, you can buy fabric by the yard for this line of window treatment for pillows or any other decorative accent. These small additions can also sync with your other motorized Hunter Douglas products making them an easily operable, risk-free investment.


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