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Home Office Ideas for Remote Workers

Ideas for Remote Workers to Upgrade or Create their Home Office near Newport News, Virginia (VA)

Working from home has been extended. It has been proven that working in a space that is not solely for work causes employees to never really feel like they have clocked out for the day. The best way that has been found to beat this is by creating your own home office somewhere and making it yours. Many of us do not have an office in our homes and lack a room that can be totally dedicated to a home office. Don’t sweat it though; we have some ideas on how to make a space feel like your own personal office, no matter where it is.

Swap Out a Piece of Furniture

Or just buy a piece of furniture that you have been putting off! If you would like a desk instead of your kitchen table to work at, look for items that bring functionality to your home but also are your style. Looking to swap out that older chair from freshman year of college? Donate that while we find you a new chair that fits your needs. We offer pieces custom created from brands like Heckman, Millcreek, David Michael, Hooker, Comfort Design, Friendship, DR Kincaid, and Winners. These aren’t big box items; they are custom made from the fabrics, wood finishes, decorative accents, and whatever else you may want. If you are splitting a room or using a specific area/corner of a room (like a side of the living room) to use as your home office, you could also match this new furniture to the decor in this shared space.

Wonderful Wallpaper 

Staring at blank walls all day gets very draining. It can make the rest of your home feel like work. So instead of rethinking all of your paint colors, consider looking into wallpaper. It sounds very 70’s to put up wallpaper, but it has become a much easier and faster process than ever before. Our wallpaper comes from the top designers across the country who are redefining what wallpaper can be. Perhaps you would find a geometric pattern calming and pleasing to look at. Maybe you want a gorgeous overflowing of flowers filling the wall behind your desk. That’s perfectly fine, too. Applying something you love to the designated office area or room makes it feel like a completely different room, without compromising your style or taste.

Making your space feel more like your own is our specialty at Unusual Designs. If your home needs any upgrades, restyling, or any other custom window covering needs like shutters, curtains, or blinds, our team at Unusual Designs has the style you are looking for. We are located in Newport News, but we are also proud to serve Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Portsmouth, Virginia. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to learn more about our star quality window treatments for your home.