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Commercial Blinds and Shades, for sale at Unusual Designs Inc. in Newport News, VA
Roller Shades FR by Hunter Douglas Contract; © Bob Perzel

Commercial Design Services

Looking for blinds and shades for your office, practice, restaurant, hotel, or other business? Unusual Designs Inc. in Newport News, VA can help with your commercial projects, whether large or small. With a wide choice of appropriately-priced furniture and an amazing variety of window treatment colors, textures, fabrics and functions, our design expertise will transform all your commercial spaces.

Please contact us to get started with your project or view our portfolio for examples of our past projects.

Commercial shades installation
Commercial meeting room window coverings
Roller Shades FR by Hunter Douglas Contract
Commercial shades at VA Beach air force recruitment center
VA Beach air force recruitment center
Commercial shades & blinds at Brighton Apartments
Brighten Apartments commercial shades & blinds
Commercial shades & blinds at Newport Newws in VA
Roller Shades FR by Hunter Douglas Contract
Commercial shades & blinds at Sedgefield Elementary school
Commercial shades & blinds at Sedgefield Elementary School

Commercial Interior Design & Custom Window Blinds

It isn’t just homes that need interior design and custom window treatments. This is just as important for commercial spaces, if not actually more important. In your home, you are only trying to strike a mood for you and your family, but when it comes down to a commercial space, the mood can be the defining factor in what makes your business sink or swim. Whether you’re trying to appeal to customers or create the ideal, productive atmosphere for your employees, the décor of your space is incredibly important, which is why you should entrust it to trained professionals, like the designers at Unusual Designers in Newport News.

Our highly trained interior design professionals can help you with every aspect of designing the commercial space that your business deserves. From your floors to the very top of your windows, we can make sure that you are representing your business authentically and with the right level of professionalism to appeal to any customers or employees. And, since you are entrusting this task to professional interior designers, we can guarantee that your space will look exactly how you want it, and will look totally cohesive as well. Instead of dealing with mismatched pieces that you could buy yourself from big-box stores and major retail chains, the individual attention you will get from the designers at Unusual Designs will allow your space’s décor to work together seamlessly for a well-rounded aesthetic.

And, to top it all off, we also offer a wide variety of Hunter Douglas window treatments. Light plays a huge impact in how a space feels, and so if you want to draw in customers and make them feel welcome, making sure that you have the proper window treatments is incredibly important. This matters just as much for an office environment, as light can greatly influence the productivity of your employees. No matter what kind of aesthetic you are hoping to communicate, we have the perfect window treatments for your commercial space.

Commercial Interior Design Furniture Companies

Kravet Furniture Falcon Paoli
Community Furniture Studio Q OFS Brands
Hekman Hon


Small Women & Minority Owned Business eVa Members Retail Alliance Members

Some of Our Commercial Clients

AR Chesson Contracting ARW Contracting Bay Electric
Clancey & Theys Christopher Newport University Edgewater Construction Services
Hoy Construction KBS Norfolk State University
SAW Contracting NOAH Enterprises OKJ Construction
Oyster Point Portsmouth Virginia Ritchie Curbow Construction Company
SL Contracting Suffolk Virginia Virtexco
Virginia State University Whiting Turner WM Jordan
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